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Uncovering the causes of male infertility in fish

The discovery of a new hormonal mechanism that controls the formation of spermatozoa in fishes could help to explain the causes of male infertility in fish.


Cost effective and compatible sensors for the oceans

CSIC scientists at the Institut de Ciències del Mar in Barcelona and at the Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona will participate in the project “COMMON SENSE: Cost Effective Sensors Interoperable with International Existing Ocean Observing Systems to meet EU policies Requirements”. This project was launched last November 2013 and is funded by the EC Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) within the “Oceans of Tomorrow” program.


Globaqua: water management and global change

The new European project Globaqua will focus on the quality and quantity of water in a scenario of global change.  The project has a duration of 5 years and scientists of 12 countries are involved. The global budget is 7.5 M€.


Controlling pollutants and algae toxins in real time

Mariabox project will develop automatic sensors for analyzing pollutants and algae toxins in the sea, as well as the systems of data acquisition and transmission. The goal is to have a real time control on the water quality.


Scientists and company collaborate in app creation

It is called FungiNote, and it is an app to identify fungi species. This app is a result of the cooperation between scientists at the  Real Jardín Botánico of the CSIC and the company Wake App!.